Scene: Loyalties

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started23rd Feb 1978
last rpt5th Nov 1982
6 school years
duration25 mins
subject ⚖️Citizenship
age rangeAge 13-16
languageenIn English
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Loyalties is an episode of the BBC schools TV series Scene from the 1970s and 1980s, covering citizenship for secondary school pupils.

A boy called Onnie has struck up a friendship with an older youth called Gallahar, despite his parents' concerns about Gallahar's bad character. The pair spend time with Gallahar's racing pigeons on the coast of Fife. Late at night, Onnie sees Gallahar commit a cowardly mugging on a drunk, and although he is disgusted by the action he feels loyal to his friend and does not want to report what he saw to the local policeman.


Written by Peter McDougall


  • Spring 1978
  • Autumn 1980
  • Autumn 1982

Also broadcast for a general audience, in the evening on BBC2 in May 1984.

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