Scene: Clean Sweep

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started4th Mar 1971
last rpt28th Jan 1972
2 school years
duration30 mins
subject ⚖️Citizenship
age rangeAge 13-16
languageenIn English
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Clean Sweep is an episode of the BBC schools TV series Scene from the 1970s, covering citizenship for secondary school pupils.

The death of a factory owner signals a change for all of the staff, none more so than a sheet metal worker called Watson, who is denied a promised promotion and finds his position as the unofficial leader of the sheet metal workers challenged by Gregg, a new apprentice who joins the factory and isn't willing to follow the accepted order.

==From the teacher's notes==

"Ronald Eyre was the producer of BBC School TV Drama programmes in its early years. Since leaving the BBC he has had a distinguished career as a writer and director. In 1970 he directed Three Months Gone for the Royal Court Theatre and London Assurance for the Royal Shakespeare Company, both outstanding successes." - Scene teacher's notes spring 1971 p.10


Written by Ronald Eyre

In the archive

Exists. This programme is preserved in the BBC archives.




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