Scene: Break In

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started6th Nov 1975
last rpt11th Jun 1993
18 school years
duration30 mins
subject ⚖️Citizenship
age rangeAge 13-16
languageenIn English
Scene Break In title.jpg
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Break In is an episode of the BBC schools TV series Scene from the 1970s and 1990s, covering citizenship for secondary school pupils.

Three boys break into their school during the holidays to retrieve a confiscated football. They find the school is a different, more exciting place when it is empty. They also look through their personal files.

==From the teacher's notes==

"Willy Russell feels that the play is about boredom and frustration - the energy of those young people turned to destructive use. It also describes the author's feelings about some of the failings in the education offered them - some of the pupils never get a chance to use those musical instruments provided and merely glimpse the artroom. It is also about property - where can kids in big cities go for the holidays - and who are schools for anyway?" - Scene teacher's notes autumn 1975 p.13.


Written by Willy Russell


  • Autumn 1975
  • Summer 1993

Also broadcast for a general audience, in the evening on BBC2 as part of a run of Scene dramas in August 1977.


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