Property:Episode count accuracy

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This is a property of type String.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Exact
  • Approximate
  • Estimate
  • Unknown

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Music Time/A Christmas Journey +Exact  +
A-Z of Politics +Exact  +
A-Z of Your Head +Exact  +
A' Bhuth +Exact  +
A-Level Economics +Exact  +
A-Level Irish +Exact  +
Scene/AIDS Special +Exact  +
AS Guru +Exact  +
Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom +Exact  +
Scene/Access To Television +Exact  +
Acting Around Words +Exact  +
Action! +Exact  +
The French Programme/Action-Tele! Year 1 +Exact  +
The French Programme/Action-Tele! Year 2 +Exact  +
The French Programme/Action-Tele! Year 3 +Exact  +
Active Citizenship +Exact  +
Ademas +Exact  +
Adopt Me - I'm a Teenager +Exact  +
Advanced Level Economics +Exact  +
Advanced Level History +Exact  +
Advanced Level Studies: Biology +Exact  +
Advanced Level Studies: Statistics +Exact  +
Advent of Steam +Exact  +
Adventures Abroad +Exact  +
The Adventures of William Whiskerson +Exact  +
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