Music Makers (radio): Gone with the Wiz!

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started17th Sep 1984
ended26th Nov 1984
last rpt1st Dec 1986
3 school years
duration20 mins
subject 🎶MusicMusic
age rangeAge 10-12Age 9-11 & Age 11-13
languageenIn English
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Gone with the Wiz! is a unit of the BBC schools radio series Music Makers from the 1980s, covering music for primary and secondary school pupils.

Seeking to help his awful King to cure a princess's uncontrollable laughter, a peasent named Egbert suggests that Wizard Wheeze could cure her with magic. The wizard having no idea how to do this prompts a race to the cure between wizards and witches with Egbert going undercover disguised as a witch.

The magazine sections in each programme look at music inspired by "things magical and fantastic".


  • Oyez!
  • Clichés and Platitudes
  • Beware!
  • Abracadabra
  • Witches' Revenge
  • I'm a V.I.P.
  • Goodnight!


Radio Times listing, 1984
  • Autumn 1984
  • Autumn 1986


Introduced by Ian Humphris

Jill Shilling

Written by R. D. Ward
Music by Peter Hutchings
Producer Peter Hutchings


Pupils' pamphlet

Pupils' pamphlet, 1984
Pupils' pamphlet, 1986

A 28 page pamphlet with illustrations by John Shackell, containing the words and music to the songs and a cartoon version of the story.

In 1984 the pamphlet was printed in shades of dark red, and in 1986 it was reprinted in black and white.

Teachers' notes

Teachers' notes

A 16 page booklet containing the piano accompaniment to the songs and an outline of the contents of each broadcast.

Acting script

A script of the performance adapted to be performed in schools was available free from the producer during the term of broadcast...

Melodic instrument parts was a set of accompaniments for tuned instruments.

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