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Mathspy title.jpg
BBC Schools TV
First run:
10th January

- 7th February 1989

Repeated until
17th May

(6 school years)
Episodes:10 episodes
Duration:10 minutes
Subject:Mathematics: Mathematics
Audience:Age 13-16
Language:In English
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A thrilling comedy spy serial in ten episodes. Simple spy Q7 (aka Rick) stumbles upon an operation being run by the efficient Q5 (aka Sam) to find the Factor, a dastardly enemy who is selling spy secrets. As they investigate Rick and Sam face mathematical challenges involving secret codes, card games, safe breaking, and dead drops.

At the end of each episode the characters are faced with a problem. At the beginning of the following episode they have solved the problem, but viewers do not see exactly how they solved it - that is left for pupils to work out themselves in between episodes, using worksheets which are identical to the ones handled by the characters on TV.