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started25th Sep 1980
ended3rd Jul 1984
last rpt5th Dec 1985
6 school years
duration15 mins
age rangeAge 7-9
languageenIn English

Maths with a Story is a BBC schools radio series from the 1980s, covering Mathematics for primary school pupils.

The madcap, dramatised adventures of the residents of Muddleville-on-the-Mud, a chaotic seaside resort whose residents include the zoo manager Mr Beast, keeper Freddie Fixit, the wiley cook Mrs Witchitt, Tiddles the gorilla and his young friend Melissa, foolish local aristocrat Sir Absolutely Accurate, the long-suffering Lady More-or-Less Accurate and their manservant Fortescue, the entrepreneurial Max the Millionaire, reclusive rogue Count Backwards, and audacious con man Terry Twister.

The residents of Muddleville at the Zoo birthday party

Two episodes each term (four in total) left Muddleville behind in favour of traditional, presenter-led Radiovision programmes in which subjects such as symmetry and tessellation are explained with the aid of images shown on slides in the classroom.


# Title Topic Broadcast
1. Pirate Gold Co-ordinates 25 Sep 1980
2. Muddleville Olympics Estimating and Approximating 9 Oct 1980
3. Max - the Muddleville Millionaire Large Numbers 23 Oct 1980
4. (radiovision) Symmetry 13 Nov 1980
5. Mrs Witchitt Works It Out! Probability 27 Nov 1980
6. Tiddles and the Time Machine Growth and Change 22 Jan 1981
7. (radiovision) Tessellation and Packing 5 Feb 1981
8. Muddleville Zoo Scale and Enlargement 19 Feb 1981
9. The Fastest Snail in Town Maxima and Minima 12 Mar 1981
10. Whodunit? Intersection of Sets 26 Mar 1981
11. (radiovision) Straight-Line Shapes 8 May 1984
12. (radiovision) Curved-Line Shapes 15 May 1984
13. Happy Birthday to Zoo! Fractions and Remainders 22 May 1984
14. Radio Muddleville on Air! Ordering and Logical Thinking 5 Jun 1984
15. The Muddleville Chess Championship! Squares and Square Numbers 12 Jun 1984
16. The Muddleville Campers! Exploring Area 19 Jun 1984
17. Don't Think of a Number! Numbers in Everyday Life 26 Jun 1984
18. The Crooked Computer! Solving a Problem 3 Jul 1984

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