Living and Growing

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startedJan 1968
ended20th Oct 1997
last rpt28th Mar 2000(as part of Off Limits)
33 school years
duration20 mins & 15 mins
age rangeAge 9-11 & Age 11-13
languageenIn English

Living and Growing is an ITV and later Channel 4 schools TV series from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, covering Sex Education for primary and secondary school pupils.

  • first broadcast only in the Grampian region in spring 1968, then picked up by Tyne Tees in autumn 1968, then other regions including Anglia in summer 1969 and Ulster in summer 1970
  • in London Living and Growing wasn't broadcast for schools until spring 1976, but the first series was screened by LWT on Sunday mornings in April and May 1969 "so that parents and children can watch it together" - elsewhere most if not all regions showed previews of the series for adults, but most of them followed through with actual schools broadcasts later in the week!
  • the series was rarely fully networked by all the ITV companies, generally each company scheduled it in the term and timeslot which they thought most appropriate for their local schools
  • incorporated into Off Limits for secondary schools in 1998, but the series was effectively replaced by a unit of All About Us called Living and Growing in spring 1999, which was aimed at all primary children from 5-11 years-old

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