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started13th Jan 1970
ended17th Mar 1970
1 school year
duration10 mins
age rangeAge 7-9 & Age 9-11
languageenIn English

Hello! Hello! is a BBC schools radio series from the 1970s, covering English Language for primary school pupils.

A series of "English for Immigrant Children" consisting of stories and songs with plenty of repetition, designed to help children with English as an additional language. The programmes are short dramas, a mixture of everyday life such as going shopping and folk tales from around the world.

The series was designed to complement stage 1 of the Schools Council Introductory English Course for Immigrant Children, known as "SCOPE". It was devised alongside the advisers for that project, mentioned in the Schools Council literature, and each episode was pitched up to the level a particular unit of work.

The series was broadcast only once, with teachers encouraged to record it so it could be played again and again, and from autumn 1970 it was available on tape for schools to purchase, kept available until much later into the 1970s.

In the same term the BBC re-broadcast a series for teachers, first shown in spring 1969, about how the experiences of immigrant school-children in Britain contrast with their experiences in their home countries. This was titled In Our Midst.

A sequel series focussing on folk tales, called Hello Again!, followed in 1972

The Programmes

The odd numbered programmes dramatise the activities of a group of children from King Street, who also feature in the published SCOPE course material.

The children form their own pop group, "The King Street Group", with Ranjit, Ali, Joseph and Tony playing a tabla, sitar and pair of guitars respectively, and Carol and Katrina as singers. They have everyday adventures about their families and the songs they make up.

The even numbered programmes tell folk tales from around the world. The intention being to "supply the experience of imagination and fantasy often absent from pure language teaching".[1]

Each episode, of both types, includes a song.


# Title Broadcast
1. Happy Birthday #1970-01-13-00-00-0013 Jan 1970
2. Guru Nanak and Mardana #1970-01-20-00-00-0020 Jan 1970
3. It's Raining Again! #1970-01-27-00-00-0027 Jan 1970
4. Ananse and the Jar of Bees #1970-02-03-00-00-003 Feb 1970
5. The Fire #1970-02-10-00-00-0010 Feb 1970
6. Pretty Bird #1970-02-17-00-00-0017 Feb 1970
7. Kuldip's Dream #1970-02-24-00-00-0024 Feb 1970
8. Pinocchio and the Sixpence Tree #1970-03-03-00-00-003 Mar 1970
9. Katina's Grandmother #1970-03-10-00-00-0010 Mar 1970
10. The Jar of Rice #1970-03-17-00-00-0017 Mar 1970



Written by Margery Morris (episodes 1-2 & 4-10)

John Parry (episodes 1, 3 & 5)

Consultants June Derrick

Hilary Hester

Producer David Lyttle
Series editor Margaret Sheffield

I don't have any details of the cast in the dramas. If you can help please get in touch by email.


Teacher's notes

An illustrated pupil's pamphlet (pictured at the top of the page) contained short reading passages, words and phrases and exercises based on the story.

A booklet of teacher's notes (pictured here), written by John Parry and developed in consultation with members of the Schools Council Project, contained extensive suggestions for preparation and follow-up work and how to use each recorded programme.

Both resources were published initially to accompany the broadcasts of the series in spring 1970, and then reprinted for schools to purchase alongside tapes of the series.

Sources & References

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  1. Quote about the intention of including folk tales from Parry (1971) p.1


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