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started22nd Mar 2011
last rpt7th Feb 2012
2 school years
duration15 mins
subject ⚖️Citizenship
age rangeKS2Age 7-9 & Age 9-11
languageenIn English
Cashkatz title.jpg

Cashk@tz is a BBC schools TV series from the 2010s, covering citizenship for primary school pupils.

The teen band K@tz, made up of teenagers Jez, Amy and Max, is starting to have some success and the band members are earning some money. They need to make decisions about spending and saving, and find various other calls on their money including tax, philanthropy and replacing stolen musical instruments.

The wise dog Muttford is on hand to talk to viewers about what they are doing and whether there might be better ideas.

The programme is a sequel to ©opyk@tz Beware! which shows the band's early days, when they were called the Alleyk@tz and Muttford called himself an "Internet Detective".


The programme is available on the BBC website split into 3 clips.

Watch Online BBC Part 1: Saving versus spending
Watch Online BBC Part 2: Credit and credit cards
Watch Online BBC Part 3: Income tax


Year Term Day Time Channel Dates Details
2010-11 Spring 2011 Tue 05:45 BBC2 22 Mar

2011-12 Autumn 2011 Tue 04:45 BBC2 20 Sep
Spring 2012 Tue 05:35 BBC2 7 Feb


Voices by Ben Deery as Muttford

Pharys Jai Cato as Amy
Chezzney Clarke as Max
Ashley Clarke as Jez

Music Oceanic
Sound Paul Stadden
Dubbing mixer Matt Cheney
Design and lead animator Melissa Gates
Compositing Martin King
Education consultant Juliet Desailly
Production coordinator Morgan Wynn-Jones
Art director Rob Andrews
Written by Andrew Bernhardt
Produced and edited by Matt Jones
Commissioning associate for BBC Shelley Bradley
Executive producers for BBC Sarah Miller
Andrea Gauld
Executive producer for Illumina Digital Ltd Catherine Collis


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