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started19th Sep 1963
ended25th May 1967
4 school years
duration25 mins
age rangeAge 13-16
languageenIn English

Afternoon Edition is an ITV schools TV series from the 1960s, covering Current Affairs for secondary school pupils.

  • a talk on a current affairs issue, including film footage and photographs, followed by Question Time, an opportunity for children to phone into the studio from their classrooms to ask questions
  • presented by journalists including Michael Parkinson, Brian Redhead, Bill Grundy and Alastair Burnet
  • early episodes included a cartoonist in the studio to illustrate the programmes
  • the phone-in element - originally an experiment in the first episode which proved popular and was established as a regular feature - was dropped in Autumn 1966 and for its last year the series consisted of purely documentary units lasting an entire term, on The Stormy Years, The Communist World and The Way the War Made


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