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started21st Sep 1987
ended18th Jun 1990
last rpt28th Jun 1994(as History 7-9
7 school years
duration20 mins
age rangeAge 7-9
languageenIn English

Whirligig is a BBC schools radio series from the 1980s and 1990s, covering Miscellany for primary school pupils.

  • miscellany series with various entirely independent units such as Nuts and Bolts, featuring the exciting cliffhanger serial "Beryl and the Brainstormers" featuring an adventurous girl band, Animal Corner presented by Terry Nutkins, Merlin Lives! in which the mythical figure presents science and technology problems for listeners to solve, Stories with Music, Where We Live following a group of children and their teacher investigating local history (later repeated as History 7-9, and "Maths Pack" (later repeated as part of Operation Maths)

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