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Programme Dates Age range Subjects Type
Act of Worship, AnAn Act of Worship 1961-09-151961-1972 Age 11-13

Age 13-16

Religion Collective Worship Radio
Advanced Studies: EnglishAdvanced Studies: English 1979-01-011979-1981 Age 16-19 English Radio
Advanced Studies: HistoryAdvanced Studies: History 1979-09-011979-1981 Age 16-19 History Radio
AdventureAdventure 1973-09-011973-1981 Age 13-16 English Radio
1Adventures in English cover summer 1961.jpg Adventures in EnglishAdventures in English 1951-09-191951-1965 Age 9-11 English Radio
1Adventures in Music cover summer 1963.jpg Adventures in MusicAdventures in Music 1945-09-261945-1966 Age 11-13 Music Radio
1Time and Tune cover spring 1978.jpg Alvida and the Magician's CapeAlvida and the Magician's Cape (from Time and Tune) 1978-01-121978 Age 7-9 Music Music Radio
1Art and Design cover spring 1965.jpg Art and Design (radio)Art and Design (radio) 1965-01-011965-1971 Age 13-16 Art Radio
Art and ExperienceArt and Experience 1972-04-271972-1981 Age 16-19 Art Radio
Art and HumanitiesArt and Humanities 1973-01-171973-1977 Age 13-16 Miscellany Radio
1Bible and Life cover 1961-62.jpg Bible and Life, TheThe Bible and Life 1955-01-171955-1966 Age 13-16 Religion Religious Education Radio
Bible: How and Why, TheThe Bible: How and Why 1968-01-181968-1974 Age 11-13 Religion Religious Education Radio
1Books Plays Poems cover spring 1967.jpg Books, Plays, PoemsBooks, Plays, Poems 1961-09-201961-1990 Age 13-16 English Radio
British History: Decisive EventsBritish History: Decisive Events 1967-09-181967-1970 Age 11-13

Age 13-16

History Radio
1British Isles and World Studies cover summer 1970.jpg British Isles and World StudiesBritish Isles and World Studies 1967-09-211967-1974 Age 13-16 Geography Radio
By the People, For the PeopleBy the People, For the People 1978-01-011978-1982 Age 13-16 Citizenship Politics Radio
Christian FocusChristian Focus 1966-09-231966-1974 Age 13-16 Religion Religious Education Radio
Christian Religion and Its Philosophy, TheThe Christian Religion and Its Philosophy 1959-09-011959-1967 Age 16-19 Religion Religious Education Radio
Co Iad?Có Iad? 1975-09-011975-1986 Age 7-9 Miscellany Radio
Contact: Material for AssembliesContact: Material for Assemblies 1978-01-011978-1990 Age 9-11 Religion Collective Worship Radio
1Contemporary History cover summer 1968.jpg Contemporary HistoryContemporary History 1967-09-201967-1971 Age 13-16 History Radio
Corner for Music, AA Corner for Music 1969-09-011969-1980 Age 5-7 Music Radio
1Country Dancing teachers cover spring 1986.jpg Country Dancing Stage 1Country Dancing Stage 1 1974-04-011974-1986 Age 9-11 Movement Dance Radio
1Country Dancing teachers cover spring 1986.jpg Country Dancing Stage 2Country Dancing Stage 2 1979-01-011979-1987 Age 9-11 Movement Dance Radio
Culaidh MhiogaisCulaidh Mhìogais 1975-09-011975-1989 Age 5-7

Age 7-9

Miscellany Radio
Current Affairs IICurrent Affairs II 1940-01-101940-1963 Age 13-16 Citizenship Current Affairs Radio
Days That Made HistoryDays That Made History 1978-09-011978-1982 Age 13-16 History Modern History Radio
1Discovery cover summer 1974.jpg Discovery (1968)Discovery (1968) 1968-09-191968-1978 Age 9-11 Science Radio
Drama Workshop (1966)Drama Workshop (1966) 1966-09-191966-1984 Age 11-13 English Radio
Education 1870-1970Education 1870-1970 1970-09-251970 History Radio
Eighteen Fifty-One: The Year of the Great Exhibition1851: The Year of the Great Exhibition 1979-05-111979 Age 11-13 History Radio
1Europe and World Studies cover summer 1970.jpg Europe and World StudiesEurope and World Studies 1967-09-191967-1974 Age 13-16 Geography Radio
1Exploration Earth cover summer 1971.jpg Exploration EarthExploration Earth 1965-09-221965-1982 Age 9-11 Geography Radio
Exploration and DiscoveryExploration and Discovery 1970-09-211970-1973 Age 11-13 History Radio
ExplorationsExplorations 1974-01-171974-1977 Age 13-16 English Radio
Explorations IIExplorations II 1978-01-011978-1993 Age 13-16 English Radio
1Exploring Scotland cover spring 1962.jpg Exploring ScotlandExploring Scotland 1950-09-011950-1981 Age 9-11 Geography Radio
Exploring SocietyExploring Society 1979-09-011979-1981 Age 11-13 Miscellany Radio
Exploring WalesExploring Wales 1967-09-211967-1974 Age 9-11 Geography Radio
First Steps in WelshFirst Steps in Welsh 1964-09-011964-1967 Age 7-9 Languages Welsh Language Radio

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