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Programme Dates Age range Subjects Type
Before and After the Great WarBefore and After the Great War 1927-01-201927 History Modern History Radio
Boys and Girls of Other DaysBoys and Girls of Other Days 1927-09-261927-1928 History Radio
1British History autumn 1938.jpg British HistoryBritish History 1933-09-201933-1941 Age 11-13 History Radio
Days of OldDays of Old 1929-09-231929-1930 History Radio
Everyday Things of the PastEveryday Things of the Past 1927-04-011927 History Radio
Hanes CymruHanes Cymru 1936-09-211936-1967 Age 9-11

Age 11-13

History Radio
History IHistory I 1945-09-251945-1957 Age 11-13 History Radio
History IIHistory II 1945-09-271945-1957 Age 11-13 History Radio
1History of Wales cover 1947-48.jpg History of WalesHistory of Wales 1945-09-271945-1948 Age 11-13 History Radio
How Reading and Writing BeganHow Reading and Writing Began 1927-09-231927 History Radio
1How Things Began cover autumn.jpg How Things BeganHow Things Began 1941-09-241941-1968 Age 11-13 History Pre-History, Ancient History Radio
Lives of Great MenLives of Great Men 1924-10-021924 History Radio
London's Great BuildingsLondon's Great Buildings 1928-01-201928 History Radio
Pictures of English HistoryPictures of English History 1926-01-141926 History Radio
Scottish HeritageScottish Heritage 1942-09-251942-1964 Age 9-11

Age 11-13

History Radio
Senior History ISenior History I 1941-09-251941-1945 Age 11-13 History Radio
Senior History IISenior History II 1943-09-011943-1945 Age 11-13 History Radio
1Stories from Scottish History cover autumn 1961.jpg Stories from Scottish HistoryStories from Scottish History 1947-09-011947-1972 Age 7-9

Age 9-11

History Radio
1Stories from World History cover spring 1963.jpg Stories from World HistoryStories from World History 1940-09-091940-1966 Age 9-11 History Radio
Village Life in Olden TimesVillage Life in Olden Times 1927-01-191927 History Radio
1Wales Its Life and People cover 1950-51.jpg Wales: Its Life and People (1948)Wales: Its Life and People (1948) 1948-09-011948-1952 Age 11-13 History Radio
1What the Onlooker Saw cover spring 1929.jpg What the Onlooker SawWhat the Onlooker Saw 1928-09-241928-1929 History Radio
1World History cover autumn 1935.jpg World History (1931)World History (1931) 1931-09-211931-1940 Age 9-11

Age 11-13

History Radio

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