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Programme Dates Age range Subjects Type
Canan na Cloinne BigeCanan na Cloinne Bige 1994-04-221994-1996 Teachers TV
Cluiche Ceol is CananCluiche Ceòl is Cànan 1996-03-071996-1998 Teachers TV
Coming Up in MusicComing Up in Music 1983-04-011983-1993 Teachers Radio
Everybody's BusinessEverybody's Business 1989-02-131989-1990 Teachers TV
Geography in PlaceGeography in Place 1994-04-181994-1995 Teachers TV
ICT on TVICT on TV 1999-09-221999-2001 Teachers TV
1INSET BBC title.jpg INSET (BBC)INSET (BBC) 1988-01-121988-1991 Teachers TV
Living with DyspraxiaLiving with Dyspraxia 2001-09-122001-2002 Teachers TV
Llythrennedd DeuolLlythrennedd Deuol 2002-05-212002 Teachers TV
Making Sense of ScienceMaking Sense of Science 1995-09-201995-2000 Teachers TV
Primary PreviewPrimary Preview 1999-06-081999-2001 Teachers TV
1Q and A logo.jpg Q and AQ and A 1991-09-171991-1995 Teachers TV
Quality of SoundQuality of Sound 1988-02-291988 Teachers Radio
Radio Q and ARadio Q and A 1994-09-261994-1995 Teachers Radio
Radio ShowcaseRadio Showcase 1995-09-211995-1999 Teachers Radio
1Schools at Work title.jpg Schools at WorkSchools at Work 1994-01-131994-2002 Teachers TV
Science for TodayScience for Today 1998-09-251998-1999 Teachers TV
1Showcase title.jpg ShowcaseShowcase 1995-09-191995-1999 Teachers TV
Talks on the Maintenance of SetsTalks on the Maintenance of Sets 1929-05-011929-1930 Teachers Radio
Teaching CDTTeaching CDT 1988-01-131988 Teachers TV
1Teaching Today title.jpg Teaching TodayTeaching Today 1991-03-061991-2003 Teachers TV
Technology for TodayTechnology for Today 1995-05-101995-1998 Teachers TV
Using MuseumsUsing Museums 1996-05-141996-1998 Teachers TV
Working Together (1995)Working Together (1995) 1995-09-211995-1996 Teachers TV

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