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Programme Dates Age range Subjects Type
1Music Time title autumn 1977.jpg A Christmas JourneyA Christmas Journey (from Music Time) 1977-09-191977-1981 Age 7-9 Music Music TV
A-Level English (radio)A-Level English (radio) 1982-09-011982-1988 Age 16-19 English Radio
A-Level IrishA-Level Irish 1988-01-131988-1990 Age 16-19 English Language, Literature Radio
Act of Worship, AnAn Act of Worship 1961-09-151961-1972 Age 11-13

Age 13-16

Religion Collective Worship Radio
1Acting Around Words title.jpg Acting Around WordsActing Around Words Includes video 2012-02-022012 Age 13-16

Age 16-19

English Drama TV
Advanced Level GeographyAdvanced Level Geography 1987-05-051987-1990 Age 16-19 Geography Radio
Advanced Level Studies: EnglishAdvanced Level Studies: English 1985-05-201985-1990 Age 16-19 English TV
Advanced Studies: EnglishAdvanced Studies: English 1979-01-011979-1981 Age 16-19 English Radio
Advanced Studies: GeographyAdvanced Studies: Geography 1980-04-011980-1986 Age 16-19 Geography Radio
AdventureAdventure 1973-09-011973-1981 Age 13-16 English Radio
Adventure StoriesAdventure Stories 1983-04-011983 Age 11-13 English Radio
1Adventures in English cover summer 1961.jpg Adventures in EnglishAdventures in English 1951-09-191951-1965 Age 9-11 English Radio
1Adventures in Music cover summer 1963.jpg Adventures in MusicAdventures in Music 1945-09-261945-1966 Age 11-13 Music Radio
1William Whiskerson title.jpg Adventures of William Whiskerson, TheThe Adventures of William Whiskerson Includes video 2012-01-182012 Age 5-7 Geography TV
Aesop's FablesAesop's Fables 2011-09-222011-2012 Age 5-7

Age 7-9

English Radio
Aig Nadar tha FiosAig Nàdar tha Fios 1998-09-251998-1999 Age 9-11

Age 11-13

Geography Environment TV
Air CursaAir Cursa 1992-03-021992 Age 9-11

Age 11-13

Geography Social Studies Radio
1Air Ghleus title.jpg Air GhleusAir Ghleus 2007-11-292007-2010 Age 9-11

Age 11-13

Music TV
Alawon Gwerin CymruAlawon Gwerin Cymru 1934-01-221934 Age 11-13 Music Radio
1Alice's Adventures in Wonderland title.jpg Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: Behind the Scenes with the Royal BalletAlice's Adventures in Wonderland: Behind the Scenes with the Royal Ballet Includes video 2011-05-062011 Age 11-13

Age 13-16

Movement Dance TV
Allwedd Hud, YrYr Allwedd Hud 2001-09-012001-2004 Age 5-7 English Reading TV
1Alphabet Time copymasters cover 1999.jpg Alphabet TimeAlphabet Time 1997-09-261997-2006 Age 3-5 English Language Radio
1Time and Tune cover spring 1978.jpg Alvida and the Magician's CapeAlvida and the Magician's Cape (from Time and Tune) 1978-01-121978 Age 7-9 Music Music Radio
Amser Stori (1978)Amser Stori (1978) 1978-04-011978-1990 Age 5-7 English Radio
Anglo-Welsh WritingAnglo-Welsh Writing 1984-01-011984-1985 Age 13-16 English Radio
Animated Epics, TheThe Animated Epics (from English File) 1999-04-231999-2008 Age 13-16 English TV
Anturiaethwyr CymruAnturiaethwyr Cymru 1935-01-211935 Age 11-13 Geography Radio
Applied GeographyApplied Geography 1925-09-231925 Geography Radio
Appuntamento in ItaliaAppuntamento in Italia 1978-04-191978-1986 Age 11-13

Age 13-16

Geography TV
Ar Grwydr yng NghymruAr Grwydr yng Nghymru 1948-09-011948-1974 Age 9-11 Geography Environment Radio
Ardaloedd Cymru, a'u Cysylltiadau Hanesyddol a LlenyddolArdaloedd Cymru, a'u Cysylltiadau Hanesyddol a Llenyddol 1934-09-271934-1935 Age 11-13 Geography Radio
1Around the World in 80 Faiths title.jpg Around the World in 80 FaithsAround the World in 80 Faiths Includes video 2010-03-112010-2012 Age 13-16 Religion Religious Education TV
1Around the World with Dance title.jpg Around the World with DanceAround the World with Dance 2010-06-042010-2011 Age 7-9

Age 9-11

Movement Dance TV
Aspects of Western EuropeAspects of Western Europe 1965-04-011965 Age 13-16 Geography TV
Atila'r IarAtila'r Iâr 2002-03-122002 Age 9-11 English Literature TV
Australia 2000Australia 2000 (from The Geography Programme) 1999-10-201999-2007 Age 11-13

Age 13-16

Geography TV
1Look and Read Badger Girl title.jpg Badger GirlBadger Girl (from Look and Read) 1984-09-181984-2007 Age 7-9 English Language, Reading TV
1Baile Mhuilinn title.jpg Baile MhuilinnBaile Mhuilinn Includes video 1998-01-221998-2011 Age 5-7 English TV
Battle for Britain's Soul, TheThe Battle for Britain's Soul Includes video 2007-11-282007 Religion Religious Education TV
Be' Nesa'?Be' Nesa'? 1990-09-011990-1992 Age 7-9 English Radio

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