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Programme Dates Age range Subjects Type
Advanced Level EconomicsAdvanced Level Economics 1989-04-241989 Age 16-19 Citizenship Economics Radio
1Adventures in Music cover summer 1963.jpg Adventures in MusicAdventures in Music 1945-09-261945-1966 Age 11-13 Music Radio
Alawon Gwerin CymruAlawon Gwerin Cymru 1934-01-221934 Age 11-13 Music Radio
1Time and Tune cover spring 1978.jpg Alvida and the Magician's CapeAlvida and the Magician's Cape (from Time and Tune) 1978-01-121978 Age 7-9 Music Music Radio
Business MattersBusiness Matters 1983-04-011983-1984 Age 16-19 Citizenship Business Radio
By the People, For the PeopleBy the People, For the People 1978-01-011978-1982 Age 13-16 Citizenship Politics Radio
Byw a BodByw a Bod 1974-09-011974-1980 Age 9-11 Citizenship Radio
Canu Rhydd, YY Canu Rhydd 1936-09-241936 Age 9-11 Music Radio
Capricorn ClubCapricorn Club 1980-04-011980-1984 Age 11-13

Age 13-16

Citizenship Radio
Case Book 81Case Book 81 1981-01-011981 Age 13-16 Citizenship Radio
Case Studies in ProductionCase Studies in Production 1985-09-011985-1986 Age 13-16 Citizenship Economics Radio
CerddoriaethCerddoriaeth 1936-04-301936 Age 11-13 Music Radio
Check It OutCheck It Out 1997-01-101997-2000 Age 11-13 Citizenship Radio
Child CareChild Care 1984-06-111984 Age 13-16 Citizenship PSHE Radio
Choices (radio)Choices (radio) 1984-02-291984-1986 Age 13-16

Age 16-19

Citizenship Careers Radio
Christmas Musical, AA Christmas Musical 2001-10-092001-2007 Age 7-9

Age 9-11

Music Radio
Citizenship (1926)Citizenship (1926) 1926-04-281926 Citizenship Radio
Citizenship (1943)Citizenship (1943) 1943-09-011943-1950 Age 11-13

Age 13-16

Citizenship Radio
Coming of Age in BritainComing of Age in Britain 1984-05-101984-1985 Age 16-19 Citizenship Radio
1Concert Lessons cover summer 1939.jpg Concert LessonsConcert Lessons 1936-09-221936-1941 Age 11-13 Music Radio
Concert TalksConcert Talks 1933-09-221933-1934 Music Radio
Concert to Schools, AA Concert to Schools 1925-09-251925-1933 Music Radio
Concerts for SchoolsConcerts for Schools 1931-09-011931-1937 Age 9-11

Age 11-13

Age 13-16

Music Radio
Consumer Education: Value for MoneyConsumer Education: Value for Money 1985-06-101985-1987 Age 13-16 Citizenship Radio
Corner for Music, AA Corner for Music 1969-09-011969-1980 Age 5-7 Music Radio
Curam airson SlainteCùram airson Slàinte 2006-01-132006 Age 9-11 Citizenship PSHE Radio
Current Affairs ICurrent Affairs I 1953-09-251953-1959 Age 11-13 Citizenship Current Affairs Radio
Current Affairs IICurrent Affairs II 1940-01-101940-1963 Age 13-16 Citizenship Current Affairs Radio
Cwrs y BydCwrs y Byd 1942-01-161942-1952 Age 11-13 Citizenship Current Affairs Radio
Defence and DisarmamentDefence and Disarmament 1988-05-031988 Age 16-19 Citizenship Radio
DigwyddDigwydd 1986-09-011986-1996 Age 9-11 Citizenship Current Affairs Radio
1Early Stages in Music cover 1939-40.jpg Early Stages in MusicEarly Stages in Music 1938-09-011938-1939 Age 9-11 Music Radio
Elementary MusicElementary Music 1924-09-291924-1928 Music Radio
1Time and Tune cover summer 1975.jpg FlightFlight (from Time and Tune) 1975-04-241975-1978 Age 7-9 Music Music Radio
For School LeaversFor School Leavers 1969-09-011969-1972 Age 13-16 Citizenship Radio
Foreign CorrespondentForeign Correspondent 1970-09-231970-1973 Age 16-19 Citizenship Current Affairs Radio
Foundation Programme Pack, TheThe Foundation Programme Package 1990-06-251990 Age 13-16 Citizenship Radio
Freadaidh am FeadanFreadaidh am Feadan 2002-09-202002-2011 Age 5-7 Music Radio
From the CaribbeanFrom the Caribbean 1981-04-011981 Age 13-16 Citizenship Radio
1Guitar School cover summer 1972.jpg Guitar SchoolGuitar School 1971-09-011971-1973 Age 13-16 Music Radio

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