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Programme Dates Age range Subjects Type
Advanced Level HistoryAdvanced Level History 1987-06-081987-1990 Age 16-19 History Radio
Advanced Studies: HistoryAdvanced Studies: History 1979-09-011979-1981 Age 16-19 History Radio
Ail Ryfel BydAil Ryfel Byd 2003-02-252003 Age 7-9

Age 9-11

History Radio
American West, TheThe American West 1981-01-201981-1984 Age 13-16 History Radio
Around WalesAround Wales 1995-01-181995-1997 Age 5-7 History Radio
Australian BicentenaryAustralian Bicentenary 1987-12-171987 Age 11-13

Age 13-16

History Radio
Before and After the Great WarBefore and After the Great War 1927-01-201927 History Modern History Radio
Black BritishBlack British 1986-09-151986 Age 13-16 History Radio
Boys and Girls of Other DaysBoys and Girls of Other Days 1927-09-261927-1928 History Radio
Britain Since the 1930sBritain Since the 1930s Includes audio 2009-02-242009-2010 Age 9-11 History Modern History Radio
1British History autumn 1938.jpg British HistoryBritish History 1933-09-201933-1941 Age 11-13 History Radio
British History: Decisive EventsBritish History: Decisive Events 1967-09-181967-1970 Age 11-13

Age 13-16

History Radio
Cenhedloedd yn Deulu, YY Cenhedloedd yn Deulu 1937-04-261937 History Radio
Cestyll CymruCestyll Cymru 1936-01-011936 Age 11-13 History Radio
Changing Life in ScotlandChanging Life in Scotland 1987-01-141987 Age 11-13

Age 13-16

History Radio
1Children of Other Days cover summer 1931.jpg Children of Other DaysChildren of Other Days 1930-09-221930-1931 History Radio
1Contemporary History cover summer 1968.jpg Contemporary HistoryContemporary History 1967-09-201967-1971 Age 13-16 History Radio
Contemporary Irish HistoryContemporary Irish History 1987-11-031987-1989 Age 13-16 History Modern History Radio
Cymru yn y 19 GanrifCymru yn y 19 Ganrif 1934-04-261934 Age 11-13 History Radio
Days That Made HistoryDays That Made History 1978-09-011978-1982 Age 13-16 History Modern History Radio
Days of OldDays of Old 1929-09-231929-1930 History Radio
Education 1870-1970Education 1870-1970 1970-09-251970 History Radio
Eighteen Fifty-One: The Year of the Great Exhibition1851: The Year of the Great Exhibition 1979-05-111979 Age 11-13 History Radio
Everyday Things of the PastEveryday Things of the Past 1927-04-011927 History Radio
Exploration and DiscoveryExploration and Discovery 1970-09-211970-1973 Age 11-13 History Radio
Exploring Our PastExploring Our Past 1989-09-261989-1993 Age 9-11 History Radio
1From Scotlands Past teachers cover spring 1980.jpg From Scotland's PastFrom Scotland's Past 1977-09-011977-1981 Age 11-13 History Radio
Hanes CymruHanes Cymru 1936-09-211936-1967 Age 9-11

Age 11-13

History Radio
Hanes Cymru: Pobl Enwog (radio)Hanes Cymru: Pobl Enwog (radio) 1996-09-251996 Age 5-7 History Radio
Hel HanesHel Hanes 1974-09-011974-1977 Age 9-11 History Radio
Hen Arferion Cymru Fu 1700-1800Hen Arferion Cymru Fu 1700-1800 1935-09-011935 Age 11-13 History Radio
1Historical Geography of Wales 1938-39.jpg Historical Geography of Wales, TheThe Historical Geography of Wales 1938-09-281938-1939 Age 11-13 History Radio
History 7-9History 7-9 1994-05-241994 Age 7-9 History Social History Radio
1History 9-11 teachers cover spring 1994.jpg History 9-11History 9-11 1991-09-201991-1998 Age 9-11 History Radio
History BoxHistory Box 1992-04-011992-1994 Age 5-7 History Radio
History ClipsHistory Clips 2008-09-172008-2009 Age 9-11 History Radio
History IHistory I 1945-09-251945-1957 Age 11-13 History Radio
History IIHistory II 1945-09-271945-1957 Age 11-13 History Radio
History Lost and FoundHistory Lost and Found 1987-09-221987-1990 Age 9-11 History Radio
1History Resources cover.jpg History ResourcesHistory Resources 1992-01-061992-1993 Age 11-13 History Radio

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