Megamaths (radio)

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Megamaths (radio)
BBC Schools Radio
First run:
29th September

26th June

Repeated until
30th June

(11 school years)
Episodes:28 episodes
Duration:15 minutes
Subject:Mathematics: Mathematics
Audience:Age 7-9
Language:In English
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A mental maths radio series for junior pupils, part of a whole series of mental maths radio programmes launched in the early 21st century for different age groups, including Numbertime, Maths Challenge and Maths Adventure. Megamaths was also the title of the BBC's television series for 7-9 year olds in the 1990s and 2000s.

The original Megamaths radio programmes feature a superhero character called Maths Man (Ryan Early) who poses questions to the audience with the help of a computer called Genius (also Ryan Early). Each episode has three rounds including general knowledge maths questions and situation-based problem solving, plus a break between quick-fire questions for a Megamaths rap with gaps for pupils to sing along. A Maths Man character was introduced on the Megamaths TV series shortly after the radio series began, but the TV character was a cadet superhero just learning about maths, whereas the radio character already seems to be fully qualified.

A new series of Megamaths radio programmes was introduced in 2009. These programmes feature Agent Ruth Rogers, aka Agent Cheesemonkey, leader of the Superhero Spy Squad. She is assisted by two young agents, Zip and Zap, who work on the maths problems in their exciting spy missions.