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started5th Feb 2004
ended8th Feb 2008
last rpt25th Aug 2010(on Teachers' TV)
7 school years
duration10 mins & 15 mins
subject ⚖️CitizenshipPSHE
age rangeAge 13-16 & Age 16-19
languageenIn English
L8R title episode 3.jpg

L8R is a schools TV series from the 2000s and 2010s, covering PSHE for secondary school and further education students.

  • the first, eight episode series was broadcast as 9- to 10-minute episodes on BBC2 starting in 2004
  • this series was also broadcast on Teachers' TV as 15-minute episodes including an additional documentary sequence showing pupils discussing the drama at the end of each episode, first between September 2006 and March 2007 with repeats until September 2008 and finally again in August 2010
  • two 15-minute episodes of "series 2" were broadcast on BBC2 in spring 2008, but not shown on Teachers' TV
  • a similar series for younger viewers, L8R Youngers, was broadcast in 2010

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