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started28th Sep 2000
ended19th Oct 2001
last rpt30th Nov 2001
2 school years
duration20 mins
subject ⚖️Citizenship
age rangeAge 9-11
languageenIn English

Have Your Say! is a BBC schools radio series from the 2000s, covering citizenship for primary school pupils.

  • Real children talk about issues that affect them, plus drama sequences
  • effectively replaced In the News
  • the drama sequences were repeated as Have Your Say! Clips in 2007


The 8 drama sequences which were repeated in Have Your Say! Clips are available on BBC Learning Zone Broadband.

Some 'voxpops' of children talking about the issues are also available on the school radio website.

# Title Broadcast Drama Part 1 Drama Part 2
1. Who Needs Rules? 28 Sep 2000
2. Crime and Punishment 5 Oct 2000
3. The Media 12 Oct 2000
4. Respecting Differences 19 Oct 2000
5. The Environment 2 Nov 2000
6. Proud To Be Me 21 Sep 2001
7. Conflicting Responsibilities 28 Sep 2001
8. Attitudes to Age 5 Oct 2001
9. Peer Pressure 12 Oct 2001
10. Give Us Shelter 19 Oct 2001


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