Face of the Earth

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companyABC & Thames
started18th Sep 1969
ended21st May 1970
1 school year
duration20 mins
subject 🌏Geography
age rangeAge 13-16
languageenIn English

Face of the Earth is an ITV schools TV series from the 1960s and 1970s, covering geography for secondary school pupils.

  • originally a 30-episode further education series produced by ABC Television (at the time the weekend broadcaster in London) and broadcast from September 1967 to May 1968 as part of Sunday Session
  • 26 of the episodes were repeated locally by Thames Television (who had by then taken over as the weekday broadcaster in London) from autumn 1969 to summer 1970
  • although the 1969-70 run went out at 3:55pm, an hour after schools programmes generally finished at that time, and was not billed as a schools programme in the TV Times, it was recorded as a broadcast for schools in the Independent Television Authority annual reports

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