Schools broadcasting in the 1970s

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Latest 1970s updates
From Scotland's Past Radio
26 Mar 2013 Teacher's notes cover added
Time and Tune Radio
23 Sep 2012 Added two more pupils' book covers from the early 90s - Petroushka and Dance Fever - with thanks to Jim Ritchie
Mum, Where Are You? (from Scene) TV
New 2 Sep 2012 Title screen added
Karl und Christa TV
1 Sep 2012 Pamphlet cover added, with thanks to Trevor Wells
Music Makers (radio) Radio
1 Sep 2012 Added pamphlet covers for Great Uncle Battersby's Invisible Force and The Everlasting Soldier, with thanks to Guy Hurst
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Five random programmes from the 1970s (see all 586 programmes)
Programme Dates Age range Subjects Type
1Facts for Life title.jpg Facts for LifeFacts for Life 1975-04-221975-1991 Age 13-16

Age 16-19

Citizenship PSHE TV
1Scene Its Only Rock n Roll title.jpg It's Only Rock 'n' RollIt's Only Rock 'n' Roll (from Scene) 1976-06-241976-1977 Age 13-16 Citizenship TV
1Science All Around title.jpg Science All AroundScience All Around 1969-09-241969-1981 Age 9-11 Science TV
1Look Around cover 1978-1979.jpg Look AroundLook Around 1974-05-011974-1980 Age 9-11

Age 11-13

Geography Social Studies, Environment TV
1A Good Job with Prospects title.jpg Good Job with Prospects, AA Good Job with Prospects 1979-09-011979-1984 Age 16-19 Citizenship Careers TV