Schools broadcasting in the 1950s

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Latest 1950s updates
Time and Tune Radio
23 Sep 2012 Added two more pupils' book covers from the early 90s - Petroushka and Dance Fever - with thanks to Jim Ritchie
The Music Box Radio
20 Aug 2012 Provided dates for the final new episode & final repeat, as this series has not been broadcast for the past 3 years, and it is over a decade since the last new episodes
For Sixth Forms Includes video TV
9 May 2012 Link to a complete episode to watch online
For Country Schools Radio
7 May 2012 Change navigation title so it isn't a series title
Stories and Rhymes (1951) Radio
7 May 2012 Picture added
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Five random programmes from the 1950s (see all 127 programmes)
Programme Dates Age range Subjects Type
1Stories and Rhymes Poetry cover spring 1974.jpg Stories and Rhymes (1951)Stories and Rhymes (1951) 1951-09-201951-1983 Age 7-9 English Radio
1Mathematics BBC 1958 - Philip McAllen.jpg Mathematics (TV)Mathematics (TV) 1958-09-191958 Age 11-13 Mathematics Mathematics TV
1Geography cover spring 1959.jpg Geography (1942)Geography (1942) 1942-09-241942-1967 Age 11-13

Age 13-16

Geography Radio
1La Dordogne cover autumn 1958.jpg Dordogne - The Story of a River, LaLa Dordogne - The Story of a River 1958-09-301958 Age 13-16 Geography TV
1Music and Movement Stage 2 cover autumn 1963.jpg Music and Movement Stage TwoMusic and Movement Stage Two 1936-09-251936-1969 Age 7-9 Movement Radio