Schools broadcasting in the 1940s

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Singing Together Includes video Radio
15 Apr 2012 Added a clip of children listing to Singing Together in 1967!
Games with Numbers Radio
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Health Talks Radio
New 1 Jan 2012 New programme added
Hanes Cymru Radio
1 Jan 2012 New programme added
Gwasanaeth Crefyddol Radio
New 1 Jan 2012 New programme added
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Five random programmes from the 1940s (see all 87 programmes)
Programme Dates Age range Subjects Type
1How Things Began cover autumn.jpg How Things BeganHow Things Began 1941-09-241941-1968 Age 11-13 History Pre-History, Ancient History Radio
1Science and Gardening cover summer 1935.jpg Practice and Science of Gardening, TheThe Practice and Science of Gardening 1934-09-241934-1948 Age 11-13 Science Agriculture Radio
1Stories from Scottish History cover autumn 1961.jpg Stories from Scottish HistoryStories from Scottish History 1947-09-011947-1972 Age 7-9

Age 9-11

History Radio
1Special Health Talks cover spring 1944.jpg Health TalksHealth Talks 1941-01-051941-1967 Age 11-13 Citizenship PSHE Radio
1Concert Lessons cover summer 1939.jpg Concert LessonsConcert Lessons 1936-09-221936-1941 Age 11-13 Music Radio