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26th October 2021: A guide to the terrifically fun BBC school radio series Music Makers which ran from 1975 to 1990, including an overview of every one of the 23 comic, musical plays produced (one of which got performed by Prince William!) with storylines, credits, song lists, and lots of pics of the publications including every pamphlet cover.

Remember the kazoo-playing pop star Kornkrake Katastroffy, the sneaky tricks involved in Pedro's Revenge against the gangster Rocadura, or the tribulations of put-upon Herbert Pringle, The Park Keeper?

Music Makers cover autumn 1975.jpg Music Makers cover autumn 1983.jpg Music Makers cover summer 1987.jpg Music Makers cover summer 1985.jpg Music Makers cover autumn 1988 1.jpg Music Makers cover spring 1979.jpg Music Makers teachers cover spring 1984 Crossed Circuits.jpg Music Makers melodic instruments cover autumn 1989 Rumplestiltskin.jpg Music Makers acting script cover autumn 1983 Swashbuckling for Beginners.jpg Music Makers teachers cover autumn 1984 Gone with the Wiz.jpg

Music Workshop cover spring 1988.jpg

Also recently added was a comprehensive guide to the 1988 Music Workshop comic production, Bowater Merryweather and the Chemifizz Catastrophe, about a mild-mannered bottle-corker who gets involved in corporate espionage shenanigans in the fizzy drinks business.

One day I'm hoping to cover all of the school radio music productions in that much depth. One day!

28th August 2021: For this update you will need a notebook, a pencil and a stopwatch, and you must be ready to take readings from the screen. A complete guide to the classic ITV Schools series Look Around You Experiment has been written and added to the BroadcastForSchools website. It contains an overview of all of the episodes, broadcasts and credits, as well as quotes, memorable moments and theme music. Write that down.

Experiment title.jpg Experiment Chemistry equipment.jpg Experiment Physics 1986 equipment.jpg Experiment Biology electrodes.jpg Experiment Chemistry filming.jpg

P.S. complete episode lists have been added over the last few weeks for the 1990s Channel 4 series Book Box and all 40+ years of the BBC School Radio series Time to Move, plus presenter and producer details.

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21 Dec 2021
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21 Dec 2021
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5 Dec 2021 A complete rewrite of the whole page with programme details and history, pictures, and a complete overview of all resources ever published!
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New 27 Oct 2021 Some specific information added about the storyline and songs
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25 Oct 2021 Updated with a complete overview of the series and a guide to every single unit.
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New 24 Oct 2021 Introducing series 19 of Music Makers
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New 24 Oct 2021 Introducing series 20 of Music Makers
Pedro's Revenge (1988) (from Music Makers (radio)) Radio
New 24 Oct 2021 Introducing series 21 of Music Makers
The Rum Story of Ali Baba (from Music Makers (radio)) Radio
New 24 Oct 2021 Introducing series 10 of Music Makers
The Everlasting Soldier (from Music Makers (radio)) Radio
New 24 Oct 2021 Introducing series 9 of Music Makers
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