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A Christmas Journey (from Music Time) TV
New 19 Aug 2013 A new page about the first Music Time programmes presented by Kathryn Harries & Peter Combe, from 1977.
Spells and Riddles (from Music Time) TV
New 19 Aug 2013 New page about this Music Time unit from 1971.
Travel and Transport Includes video (from Music Time) TV
New 18 Aug 2013 A new page about this Music Time unit from 1971.
Peter and the Wolf Includes video (from Music Time) TV
New 17 Aug 2013 Details of the very first term of Music Time
Music Time TV
17 Aug 2013 Added a complete outline of all Music Time broadcasts and an introduction to the new project to describe every one of them this summer.
Oliver Twist Includes audio Radio
New 27 Mar 2013 New programme added to site, including links to listen to all the episodes and a note about the unbroadcast episode
Counting Songs Radio
New 27 Mar 2013 New programme added to site
Greek Myths Radio
New 27 Mar 2013 New programme added to site
Stories for Collective Worship Radio
27 Mar 2013 Added end date as there have been no new episodes for a couple of years
Stimulus Sounds Radio
27 Mar 2013 Updated latest repeat date - series is due to be repeated in the summer term
Music for Dance Radio
27 Mar 2013 Added episode list, spreadsheet of all broadcasts (1995-2011) and correst dates & episode count
Music Extra Radio
27 Mar 2013 Dates & episode count fixed
Meet the Authors Radio
27 Mar 2013 Latest repeat date added
Maths Challenge Radio
27 Mar 2013 Latest repeat date added
Listen and Play Radio
27 Mar 2013 Episode list added, dates & episode count fixed
Cho Luath 's a Ghabhas Includes audio Radio
27 Mar 2013 Added basic write-up, episode list & latest repeat dates
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14th July 2014: Well this site seems to have ground to a halt and the Music Time project never got very far! That is partly because I have been busy doing other things, but mainly because the site is so slow and annoying and often doesn't work at all.

So I am planning to change it to use different software and simplify it a lot, which should make it work properly. Then updates can resume...

Music Time

Music Time presenters autumn 1970.jpg Music Time presenters autumn 1977.jpg Music Time presenters summer 1981.jpg Music Time presenters autumn 1983.jpg Music Time presenters autumn 1989.jpg
Music Time title autumn 1970.jpg Music Time title autumn 1977.jpg Music Time title 2.jpg Music Time title 3.jpg Music Time title.jpg
Music Time cover autumn 1973.jpg Music Time cover spring 1979.jpg Music Time cover autumn 1981.jpg Music Time cover autumn 1983.jpg Music Time cover spring 1991.jpg

17th August 2013: This year's summer holiday project for the website is a complete guide to the junior music teaching series Music Time, which ran for a quarter of a century from 1970 to 1994.

Music Time is notable not only for its deliberately catchy songs, with which viewers could join in while watching or perform in a concert afterwards, but also for the graphics and games encouraging children to compose and play their own music, for its original musicals for schools to perform, and for its animated versions of well-known pieces such as Peter and the Wolf, Coppélia, The Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella.

If all goes to plan this site will soon have a complete guide to every unit, every song and every episode.