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28th August 2021: For this update you will need a notebook, a pencil and a stopwatch, and you must be ready to take readings from the screen. A complete guide to the classic ITV Schools series Look Around You Experiment has been written and added to the BroadcastForSchools website. It contains an overview of all of the episodes, broadcasts and credits, as well as quotes, memorable moments and theme music. Write that down.

Experiment title.jpg Experiment Chemistry equipment.jpg Experiment Physics 1986 equipment.jpg Experiment Biology electrodes.jpg Experiment Chemistry filming.jpg

P.S. complete episode lists have been added over the last few weeks for the 1990s Channel 4 series Book Box and all 40+ years of the BBC School Radio series Time to Move, plus presenter and producer details.

9th August 2021: I have been picking programmes fairly randomly and updating them with episode lists, and background information, music, credits and more. Recently updated:

18th July 2021: first update in 8 years!

Stop Look Listen title 1971.jpg Stop Look Listen title 2.jpg Stop Look Listen title 3.jpg Stop Look Listen title 4.jpg Stop Look Listen title 5.jpg

Introducing a guide to the long-running ITV Schools series Stop, Look, Listen of almost-hypnotically entertaining documentaries for junior pupils about baked bean factories, trainee policemen, living museums and coal miners. There is a detailed overview of how the series developed from 1971 to 2009, and an in-progress episode guide with historical Midlands location-spotting on an interactive map! This is a very tricky series to nail down (old TV Times listings are too basic to be much use) and these pages are the product of almost 20 years of research to make sense of everything.

Did you know...

Stop Look Listen title 3.jpg
  • ... that those terrifically catchy traffic light-coloured opening titles, that you definitely remember if you're the right age, were broadcast a staggering 640 times between 1981 and 1993?
  • ... that before he was famous and going on Extreme Railway journeys, Chris Tarrant narrated a documentary film in which children bought their tickets in 1975, travelled on a train in 1971, and disembarked back in 1975 again without anybody noticing - all through the magic of re-editing old programmes to make new ones?
  • ... that Central TV inadvertently made a documentary for 7-year-olds about an international drug smuggler?

All this and more in the BroadcastForSchools website's new Stop, Look, Listen guide!

Stop Look Listen cover 1980-81.jpg Stop Look Listen - Harvey Higgins Telephone.jpg Stop Look Listen - 1985 Zoo Twycross.png Stop Look Listen - Set A clock.jpg Stop Look Listen teachers cover spring 1994.jpg Stop Look Listen - video cover.jpg

Also: the site has a completely new, modern layout, and more updates are coming.

Back in 2013 the site got a bit stuck in software that I couldn't update and kept bringing down its server, I also got busy doing other things - this website is a one-man band operation (like Mr Boom!). Now finally in 2021 I have rebuilt it on modern software that hopefully works properly so it can be updated again.

Lots has happened since 2013 that still needs to get updated here.

  • All schools TV and radio broadcasts in Britain have ended after 58 and 94 years respectively (though BBC Alba muddied the water a bit with an extra repeat run of A' Bhùth in 2020-21). Lots of programme entries across the site need to be brought up to date.
  • There are new websites, wikis and Wikipedia pages about schools programmes, and lots of example episodes of old schools TV (and some radio) programmes available unofficially on YouTube, to see what they were actually like.
  • The BBC Genome project has been published and old BBC listings are easily available online, though not always for the schools broadcasts. Meanwhile the online archive catalogues for most ITV companies have gone offline.
  • The Look and Read story The Boy from Space has officially come out on DVD (I wrote one of the articles in the DVD booklet)! This website you are reading now grew out of a Look and Read fan website which I started over 21 years ago in early 2000, and it badly needs better coverage of Look and Read programmes. It used to have a detailed episode-by-episode, behind-the-scenes guide to Through the Dragon's Eye, a walk through all of the filming locations for Geordie Racer, a scene-specific comparison of Sky Hunter and Sky Hunter II, and loads more. Don't bother looking for those things here now, they are lost to the mists of internet time. But they will come back, along with loads more...
  • The forum for this website went offline in 2015. Don't ask me what happened there, I wasn't paying attention! It probably became incompatible with the server software or something. I do not intend to bring it back because I cannot be trusted to look after it properly.

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Latest updates

Bowater Merryweather and the Chemifizz Catastrophe (from Music Workshop) Radio
New 24 Sep 2021 A full guide to this 1980s Music Workshop musical comedy about soft drinks. The story, the songs, the credits, the resources, the broadcasts, and a few memorable comic moments!
Music Workshop Radio
19 Sep 2021 Added 3 missing pamphlet covers, from Ol' Brer Rabbit Again!, The Great Numbers Shenanigan and A Merrie Masque, with thanks to Nigel Parsons
The Song Tree Radio
12 Sep 2021 Updated to the very end of the series
Time and Tune Radio
12 Sep 2021 Filled in gaps in the pamphlet cover gallery from the 1950s & 90s, and updated to the end of the series in 2018.
Experiment Includes video TV
29 Aug 2021
Book Box TV
22 Aug 2021
Series 2-17 (1975-93) Includes video (from Stop, Look, Listen) TV
15 Aug 2021
Time to Move Includes video Radio
14 Aug 2021
A Place to Live TV
9 Aug 2021
La Marée et ses Secrets TV
31 Jul 2021
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